A Need for Grace 

I had a situation to arise where I had to display every bit of good fruit I had within me. Had I not been saved and mature, I know that situation would have gotten out of hand real quick! I was heated inside but still responded calmly and in wisdom - even though flesh didn't want to! A few minutes after departing God began speaking to me. What He showed me was that the individual was only mirroring what they were carrying on the inside. Some if it was passed down and some of it attributed to the lifestyle they live. Hurt...rejection...low self-esteem, abuse, and more. Although it wasn't the time or setting for it, what they really needed was/is deliverance - not a beatdown or ruthless clapback. So instead of carrying around hurt and unforgiveness against the individual, I found mercy and grace for them in my heart and prayed for them instead. Have you ever thought about taking time to consider a person's situation (internal & external) over their unfruitful actions, ugly words, or careless response? After being belittled and disrespected, do you have enough God and maturity in you to still smile, respond in love, and mean it? It's so important that we not only extend grace, but also deal with our internal issues that cause us to operate outside of grace.

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