A Slave to Bitterness 

Don't be a slave to bitterness!!!! What happened in the past - LET IT GO & LIVE!!! 🙌🏽 Biterness is defined as anger and disappointment at being treated unfairly; resentment. Mad at world because of what someone done to you or because of something that happened to you. For many, they're events that have occurred many, many years ago. Things that happened to you as a child, as a teen, or young adult that left you full of anger and hate - mad at "everybody." Some people dealing with bitterness don't put it on display like others. Instead, you have to detect it by their conversations, their opinions, their reactions, body language. Those who are spiritually gifted can discern it. If you are full of bitterness, there's a 99.9% chance that you are also struggling with unforgiveness. This is the danger of carrying the seed of one bad fruit. It springs forth like a tree with many branches.These branches are the offspring of that one bad seed. In Job 21 — Job tells us of how bitterness leads to death. Let's look at verse 25: "Another dies in bitterness of soul, never having enjoyed anything good." In other words, if you spend your entire life being bitter, you will never enjoy life. You will never enjoy anything good, see anything good, experience anything good. Bitterness is controlling and dictating and has robbed you of life. You're alive, but you're not LIVING. Understand this: What's in your heart shapes your perspective, and if your perspective of life is always negative, you will miss out on everything good that God has for you. That's why it's important to know how to deal with first yourself and your own issues, but also bitter people - especially when they're unavoidable. If you aren't careful you will become contaminated by their bad fruit. Don't be controlled by the enemy!!! Bitterness is of the devil and God wants you FREE!!! If you know that this is something you are struggling with or bound by, please let me know - I want to pray with you. The last thing we want is to waste so many years just existing and not fully living, because we choose to remain a victim of bitterness, unforgiveness, anger, hatred and so many other things the enemy uses to destroy our lives. Get free & LIVE!!!


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