Deal With It

Consuming yourself in God and in the presence of God is GREAT. But if you are doing this in efforts to drown out life's problems - this is not the way. To those who have found themselves wrapped up in God lately, that you have merely "forgot" about certain situations that still exist: God needs you to address them. He wants you to know that these things are part of your process and they won't be eliminated in His presence, until you get the guts to DEAL WITH IT!!! It's amazing but not surprising how the enemy attempts to use what's good for us to ultimately work against us. Remember: this life is like a battery - it takes a negative and positive post to function. We have to address the natural just as we address the spiritual. The inner as well as the outer. So no, some of your problems won't go away just because you've swept them under the covering of worship and prayer - once again, they must be dealt with. Whatever you need to do concerning those situations, do it quickly and don't procrastinate. Thereafter your breakthrough will manifest. #nextlevel #WomanArise #dealwithit

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