God Wants to Hear From You 

In the past I've messed up so many times by giving God my all ONLY when "I" wanted ALL. I was desperately in need... Then after God blessed me, answered my prayers and came through for me, "I got GHOST!!!" God wasn't so important then, He wasn't really needed - especially since I had everything I needed.....Life was good.....I thought...... Until one day my back was against the wall. I was in need once again.... Nobody else could come through, Noone else had the answers.... Nobody but God! So I found myself in tears.... again....I was in a dark place...... once again....I needed God to hear my cry. I needed God to help me.... My heart was troubled... my faith was abandoned, by soul was crying out from this empty, quiet, and lonely place. God where are you? God it's me..... I need never before....Have you forgotten about me?...... I was a wailing mother drowning in the tears of pain flowing from a broken heart...... And because God, the Great I Am, our Creator, our Refuge in a time of trouble, my Shield, my Fortress, my Rock, my Answer, my Breath, my Healer, my Comforter........ He forgave my acts of selfishness and disobedience. He said daughter, I remember you. He said daughter, I will never leave or forsake you. He said daughter, lo I am with you always even unto the end of the world. He said daughter rise....go.....dry your tears...... your sins are forgiven...... your prayers have been answered...... How could I continue hurting a God that not only I say that I love, but a God who loves me unconditionally? How could I forget the many times He's spared my life and kept me out of harms way? How could I abuse his love, His Forgiving Grace and His Mercy? See...... God gave me a new heart! When I built a relationship with Him, He began cleaning the closets of my heart - and did not leave them empty; but He filled them with compassion, His Love, joy, and peace. I'm grateful to know, serve, and call upon God without the feeling of guilt I felt in the past when I allowed myself to disconnect from Him..... He is Father ♡♡♡ ***If this is your story and you are currently where I was, I pray this has encouraged you to find your place in God. I pray that your heart is compelled and moved, so much, that you will start a conversation with Him now and ask for forgiveness for abandoning, rejecting, misusing and abusing God, His Grace, Mercy, Favor, and Love. God is waiting to hear from you, will you obey??? S.Jones♡♡♡

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