I Accept "ME"

God, forgive us for taking on identities and characteristics written and predicted by astrologers and psychics. Forgive us for trying to live up to altered identities that mask who you created us to be. Forgive us for hating ourselves, our physique, our feautures, our ethnicities, and every perfect part of your creation. Forgive us for silencing the voice of our true identities because of our own thoughts and persuasions that we will not be accepted "AS IS." Forgive us for not accepting our uniqueness and our self proclaimed "flaws" that actually serves as evidence of our indifference. Lord, we accept the "inner me," the "naked me," the "uncovered me," the "beautiful me," in its entirety. We give up double mindedness, double lives and we conserve the extra energy it took to force ourselves to live up to a name and identify that wasn't our own. We repent and are determined to live as the women you created us to be, tirelessly, unapologetically, and faithfully - We ARISE!!! ~WOMAN ARISE~ Sharonda E. Jones

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