Leave It There

I am so guilty of doing this!!!! I would give God something and just couldn't keep my hands out of it. God wasn't moving fast enough for me. It seemed as though God didn't acknowledge or at least give me an update on what He was doing. Other times I had a back up plan - just in case God didn't come through..... Who in the world did I think I was? Lol I imagine God was saying "Girl sat down somewhere!" Lol!!!!! But those who have been following me for a while, know exactly how I feel about those back up plans!!! ✅What things have you left in God's hands that you continue to monitor? ✅What actions have you taken out of your own will because you were impatient waiting on God? ✅Did it help the situation? I want to encourage you today and remind you that leaving your situations in the Hands of God requires a high level of trust and faith in God. Many find it hard to keep their hands off of what they can't fix because they haven't built a relationship with God strong enough to fully rely on and trust Him. So even though they are aware of the fact they can't fix the situation, it doesn't stop them from trying. When we learn to trust God and have have faith in God, we will be content with His will for our lives. Give it to God..... and leave it there!!! 💜

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