The Purpose of a Hard Place

God will sometimes position you in a hard place to:

1. See if you will demonstrate what you have been preaching/ministering about. The days of do as I say, not as I do are over. We need to see some FRUIT ma'am/sir!!!

2. Toughen your skin & mature you - Let's just be real, some need to toughen up and stop whining about every little offense. Complaining about things that aren't even an offense. If you cast down the spirit of offense, rejection, abandonment, etc., you may find that over 50% off our problems will be solved.

4. Strengthen and cause us to grow - You've been on the same level too long. Still crawling when it's time to start walking. Still stuck in mediocre, still coloring outside the lines, still need a chaperon because you get away from home and don't know how to act - embarrassing your covering(s) - if you have one....

It's time to level up!!!

5. To simply remind & prove that HE IS GOD and you're not. Some have started out with God and somehow got lost along the way. Veered off to their own path because they were distracted by the sound of coins, distracted by eye candy, distracted by the sound and look of their name on every flyer... Just completely forgot that it's all about God and not us!!! We are here to bring Glory to the name of God - not ourselves!!!

Being in a hard place doesn't feel good - but how you posture yourself while in that place will determine how long you stay there.

Chastisement, order, & accountability are necessary if we are going to fulfill the purpose, plans & will of the Lord for our lives.

Are you growing in God?!!!!

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