So...... what inspired this particular design?

As women of God we are faced with and experience soooo much - no exaggeration. Many of us have even encountered things we have not shared with anyone.
We've taken on layers of things - and we continue to take on layers of things - no matter how weighty it becomes. 

We're guilty of placing our selves in situations to help others but in the process we damage ourselves. We're guilty of consciously placing ourselves in detrimental situations for the sake of love and lust. We're guilty of connecting to and being in relationships with toxic people......

But God, with his GOOD self takes us JUST AS WE ARE and He repairs us, heals us, molds us, mends us, restores us, and refines us!!! 

The finished product becomes: 

UNBROKEN: we are made whole; we are healed;  we are no longer damaged and walking around in broken pieces!!!